When grout is cracked, missing, stained or crumbling, regrouting services may be in need. When this occurs, water will be able to get behind/below the walls and/or floor, which will eventually cause further damages underneath the tile. Regrouting services may be the best option to prevent these damages.


When caulk is missing or worn out, recaulking services may be in need. When this occurs, water is capable of penetrating past the seams causing extensive damages into sheetrock and the beams/subfloor of the home which can cause loose tiles to come up and mold built up. Black mold can be extremely hazardous and can be built up between the seams and caulking. Removing the old contaminated caulking and applying new caulking will eliminate the problem and act as a sealer which prevents water from going into between any seams. 

Regrouting/Recaulking should be done every couple of years not only as a maintenance process to prevent damages in the future but can also greatly improve the aesthetics of your home. By doing this service, it will restore the area almost back to it's original state looking like new. With new grout and new caulking, your tiles will look as if the job was done just yesterday. 

Color Staining: 

When you have tile floors and the tiles & grout starts to look old. Color staining is the more affordable and economical way of enhancing your floors with the fraction of the cost. By first cleaning the grout then applying the color stain, we can change the color of the grout from white to black, black to white, or any other color you desire. Doing so will make your floors look brand new and back to its original state.


By repairing tiles that are cracked and broken, it would be more economical and affordable, for the fraction of the cost to do the repair rather than rip up the tile floor/walls. Repairs can be done as long the underlayment floor and walls are structurally strong and sound. Repairing is the alternative to go rather than ripping and redoing the entire floor/walls.


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